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The concept of a short rotation livestock program may not be widely familiar, however, we are dedicated to addressing any questions you may have, thus ensuring your peace of mind.

What age will the female pig I purchase be?

The female pig, (which is called a Gilt when she hasn’t given birth to a litter, and thereafter is called a Sow) will be at least 4 months old when she can be purchased or reserved for purchase. In some cases she may be older.

All animals are thoroughly checked by our veterinarians prior to purchase. They go through a stringent medical process including vaccinations for 11 weeks prior to insemination.

Of course, we are dealing with nature and this is not guaranteed. A gilt/sow may only be impregnated as she comes into season (heat) every 21-days. Just like females of every species, not every insemination is successful, and we will need to try again after 21-days when she is back into season. There are numerous things that can be done to help induce the pregnancy and this is usually only a problem on the very first pregnancy. After this, she usually will fall pregnant quite easily.

Yes, the commencement date of the Service Agreement is tied into the gilts 1st confirmed pregnancy. If a future insemination is not initially successful, then the same process will apply.

All gilts are thoroughly health checked and considered prime breeding animals prior to sale. However, some gilts have been known not to fall pregnant after numerous inseminations, even though when tested they are fertile, this is our main concern, even over death. However, if this situation did occur LIF would replace the gilt free of charge as per the Service Agreement

The gestation period is 114 days.

Again, we are dealing with nature, and in some cases the unfortunate can happen. If your pig gets sick and requires some extensive medical care (which may not be included in the Services Fee) then LIF will contact you with a price and advice. If you choose not to go ahead with the medical course of treatment, the pig will be replaced free of charge. Any period of extensive medical care will of course delay future inseminations and consequently the Service Agreement would be extended free of charge to facilitate this

A normal litter at birth for Large Yorkshire White pigs is 10 - 12, however it is important to note that this is not a guaranteed amount and may be less due to natural selection during the first 120 days.

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