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Our Farms


Naruang Farm


Lanna Farm

Naruang Integrated Farm operating since 1960, is spread across 1,522 hectares of land in North Luzon, the Philippines and has been in our family for over a century.

Lanna Integrated Farm is a purpose built breeding facility for genetic Large White Yorkshires which will produce sows for the sole use of producing pureline breeding GGP & GP stock. Our pedigree comes from our first farm at Naruang Integrated Farm

State of the Art Facilitites

Quarantine Facility: A 30-day housing for new pigs.

Holding Area: Animals held for insemination preparation.

Farrowing Area: Pregnant mother stays 7 days prior to giving birth, and remains there with piglets for the first 30 days.

Nursery Area: Piglets interact and play with same-age group for up to 60 days.

Males and Females: Separated into growers and breeding stock.

Growers: Kept in designated areas for 120-135 days to achieve ideal weight for sale (100 kg).

Breeders: Stay in separate area until reaching puberty at 7-8 months and weighing 135 kg.

Community Focused

Staff: By localizing pig breeding into local communities, it helps us provide great employment opportunities to local farmers, wholesalers, and retailers to remain self-sufficient as well as supporting a host of other job opportunities.

Veterinarian Internships: In addition to providing job opportunities to local people we also have a veterinarian internship program for trainee vets.

Positive Impact: We believe positive impact goes far beyond profitability and encompasses corporate social responsibility as well as providing benefits on a socioeconomic level.

Turning Waste Into Gas: By turning our waste into methane gas and freely provide it to local residents we do our part to help with climate change.

Our Livestock

Stress Reduction: As with humans, a pig will never get over a bad start in life, so it’s essential that their health and welfare are not compromised. All pigs at birth are placed in free housing systems, while optimum daily nutrition delivery ensures good colostrum and lactation production. All pigs are also monitored and tended to daily, making sure key stressors are minimized. These include cleanliness, nutritional requirements, ventilation, temperature, comfort, and sleep.

Space Management: Overcrowding is an industry-wide issue that has drastic consequences for pig wellbeing and quality. We place an emphasis on respecting pigs physiological and environmental needs, not only for welfare reasons but also because it is detrimental to their health and ultimately productivity. Poor spacing impacts the temperature, hygiene, sleep, and movement of pigs. We are committed to providing spacious systems, forgoing short-term profit and focusing on higher-quality productivity over the medium term, ultimately improving its reputation over the long term.

Health & Immunity Development: Strong immunity in a pig starts at birth with good colostrum intake and nutrition. Farming Futures invests in essential food and immune-enhancing supplements, while stress reduction and space management also effectively develop pig disease defense systems. Our strict biosecurity measurements also help ensure peak health and immune development.


Site Entry: Strictly no public access to the farm. All vehicles entering the farm are held in a secure area and disinfected. Drivers are screened and must go through a foot bath to kill any bacteria of their footwear as well.

Pig Certification and Quarantine: All pigs in and out require official health certificates. All new pigs undertake a strict 30 day quarantine period in a quarantine facility. Male and female pigs are separated into growing and

breeding stock.

Staff Sanitation: All staff are required to shower and change clothing & footwear before entering the pig area. All staff have daily colour coded clothing to avoid clothes being worn on consecutive days. On entering and leaving the pig shed, employees must walk through a foot bath.

Staff Postings: Staff are only allowed to work in a specific pig shed to avoid cross-contamination. Both farms have an onsite veterinarian who oversees the health of all their pigs and trains all staff in health and safety protocols. 24-hour armed security guards also secure the farm.

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